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The  book is published in English by Alfonso Torregrossa, Shihan of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan 7th dan and Instructor of Kyokushin Karate 3nd Dan under Soshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa 9th dan , one of the most highly respected and influential Karateka in the world of the Kyokushin Karate . Alfonso Torregrossa has written several books on martial arts , including Karate is life - Kyokushin Karate . Mas Oyama he creatively developed Kyokushin Karate through the wealth of knowledge and experiences he attained from a variety of martial art sources. Sosai Oyama was very proficient in Daito-Ryu-Aiki-Jitsu (his direct instructor was Kotaro Yoshida), It is from this martial art discipline that a majority of Sosai Oyama's self-defense movements and tech- niques were derived and developed from. Sosai Oyama teached this technique during his life, but during the 80's years he develloped more in the fight competition side, more populary, it's for that today Kyokushin is a lot of based on the competition. Some school practice self defense Kyokushin, but in generaly, it is unfortunately forget. The job of Sensei Alfonso is to bring his teachings to light, that's why he wrote this book. Alfonso Torregrossa Sensei shows you the magnificent Self Defense of Kyokushin Karate 護身術 極真カラテ . He explains how to defend yourself in various attack situations in a simple step-by-step manner. The book contains 200 pictures with different self-defense applications that you can easily master. You'll learn about this comprehensive Kyokushin Self-Defense technique. The book contains the history of Kyokushin Karate, its origins and how it grew to be an international phenomenon. No matter who you are, self-defense is important in the world we live in Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves in a world filled with violent attacks, bullying and so much more.

Alfonso Torregrossa Sensei ,

born in 1971 in Caltanissetta - Italy , he started martial arts at the age of 4 years ,is a professional martial artist . Instructor of Kyokushin Karate 3nd Dan under Soshi Kazuyuki Hasegawa 9th dan . Renshi in Aikido 5th dan as well as an expert in Israeli Self Defense.  World-renowned instructor of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu 7th dan Hiden Mokuroku Okuden Shinan,also was instrumental in forming the first official branch of the Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan in Europe outside of Japan . He continues to help promote the martial arts in Italy and the world with seminar and courses . His philosophy as a Sports Educator is to convey joy, positivity, passion, enthusiasm and involvement during the lessons by helping to bring out the best side thanks to the positive benefits of martial arts. He has written 4 books on martial arts, including Kyokushin Karate - Karate is life . All of its books are available on Amazon.

Libro in Italiano

Karate è Vita

di Alfonso Torregrossa


Nato come arte marziale per il combattimento e l'autodifesa, negli ultimi anni il Karate si è trasformato in filosofia di vita. Il Karate è un modo di vivere per le persone che vogliono la pace della mente e la pace nel mondo. Questo libro illustra alcuni concetti importanti per conoscere il significato delle tecniche di Karate e il metodo per apprenderle. L' autore in questa opera offre una guida completa ai fondamenti dell'arte del Karate Kyokushinkai  , dando suggerimenti su come applicare queste idee nella vita quotidiana. La descrizione di alcune tecniche sono state scritte da Fujioka Sensei .

La presentazione del libro a cura di :

Soshi Hasegawa , Saiko Shihan Wildeboer, Shuseiki Shihan Ken Saito, Shihan Judd Reid, Kancho Peter Chong , Shihan Prasanna Fernndo, Shihan Sergey Illyshin.

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