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国際空手道連盟 極真会館 世界全極真


Kyokushin for everybody

It has been 25 years since Director-general Oyama

has passed away on April 26th, 1994. As you know, Kyokushin-Kaikan has divided into numerous factions and organizations claiming “Kyokushin” all over the world. As a result, the honor of Kyokushin has been on the decline and its authority has been gradually lost. There were several times in the past that unification was considered; however, it did not come true due to complicated relationship of each vested interest.

I’ve won the court case with Mr.Matsui and Ms.Kikuko Oyama in the past. The reason why I went through the undesired court case is because only certain factions claim “Kyokushin” exclusively put pressure to get rid of other factions. My actions came from my dearest wish to inherit the tradition correctly to the future for the chairmans of local branches who have been working hard in purpose of development of Kyokushin with permission of Director-general Oyama. Then it came through with the beginning of the new era “REIWA”

After discussion with Ms.Kikuko Oyama based on her wish for Kykushin to be used for everybody, it is decided that I am a transferee of trademark which will be managed by the Association of branch managers I built with 20 branch managers who got permission from Director Oyama.

International Karate Organization “World Zen-Kyokushin”, established in February of 2019, was made in purpose of realization of unity just as Director Oyama’s time. The previous organization”World Zen-Kyokushin” was based on a different thought from mine; that trademark of Kyukushin was applied singly, and this is why I took action with volunteered members. The”World Zen-Kyokushin” had been having a court case with Ms.Kikuko Oyama. Joint management and Representative Oishi were decided as a result of this discussion.

We are thrilled to make effort with the branch managers selected by Director Oyama and each Kyokushin organization that meets the unification call for Kyokushin to build a bright generation once again. We also try our best to inherit Kyokushin for the future and support the bereaved family. We appreciate your understandings and corporation.
October, 2019

Kazuyuki Hasegawa


Kazuyuki Hasegawa (World Zen-Kyokushin) 

 Vice Chairpersons 

Yasuo Takahashi (Kyokushin Union) 

 Noriyasu Hamai (Kyokushin Hamai Group) 

Ryuko Take (World Kyokushin Kaikan) 

Director General 

Shigeru Tabata (Kyokushin Union) 

Directors Yasuhiro Shichinohe (Kyokushin Union) 

Directors Toshikazu Seto (Kyokushin Union) 

Auditors Toshio Mizuguchi (Kyokushinkai Mizuguchi Group) 

Auditors Yukichi Anzai (Kyokushin Anzai Group) 

Auditors Jun Miwa (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Yukio Okada (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Kyoji Mimura (former Matsui Group) 

Employees Yasuhiro Kuwajima (Kyokushin Union) 

Employees Yuzuru Haseba (Kyokushin Haseba Group) 

Employees Yasuhiro Kasai (former Matsui Group) 

世界全極真 イタリア支部

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